David Pérez

David is the young, dynamic generation of artists actively crossing between the worlds of performance and teaching, where the experiences of both cross-feed. Numerous are the distinguished companies and artists that he has danced with. These include En Clave de 6 directed by José Luis Ortiz Nuevo along with Javier Baron, Esperanza Fernández y Manolo Franco; Suspiro Flamenco by Manuela Carrasco; Carmen by Salvador Távora, Andalucía, El Flamenco y la Humanidad by Mario Maya.

From his beginnings in the tablao, El Arenal, he since worked in the tablaos of Los Gallos, Casa de la Memoria, Patio Sevillano and Casa Patas. He also participated in Biennials such those in Seville (2008) and in Rome (2009) with the show Noche de Sevilla along with Antonio Canales, Milagros Mengibar and Pastora Galván. David launched his first solo show, Flamencos, in the Jerez Festival, which toured to Asia, Africa, Holland, Kuwait and Turkey. He premiered Puntal (2011) which he continues to tour to national and international festivals. It also ran for six months in the
tablao, El Flamenco in Tokyo. He has contributed to festivals, cycles and programmes such as in the Festival Ibérica (Czech Republic), Festival Internacional del Cante de Las Minas and Mont de Marsan (France), Flamenco Viene del Sur, CICUS Sevilla and Suma Flamenca. David has also
represented the art of Flamenco, working with the Spanish Embassy on projects organised by the Instituto Cervantes in Europe, USA, Mexico, Morocco and Southeast Asia.

Talented, versatile and dedicated, this young artist deftly balances his international engagements with teaching at the Academia de Manuel Betanzos.

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David Pérez

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