Classes for beginners

Classes for beginners follow this progression:


The teaching will be structured on the compass (rhythm cycle) of 12, with standard steps and variations for future choreographies, coordination and rhythm. The student will learn theory and practice the structure of a dance, the terminology, building the foundation and pillars of a choreography (salida, llamada, marcajes, recogida, subida, cierre, etc).


This next grade reinforces the students’ preparation and they will be further immersed in learning the terms or elements of Flamenco palos (styles) such as the falseta, letra, escobilla, etc.


The professor will advise the student when he or she is ready to move on to this level, where the different palos of Flamenco, rhythm and requirements of the class will be higher.


Courses  November 2022

Professor: Juan Manuel Zurano


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Low level  18:00-18:55 Taranto

New Beginners   19:00-19:55  Cantiñas


Monday and Wednesday

Unique level  –  Bulerías  20:00-20:55



Beginners level  –  Bulerías  20:00-20:55