The Sevillanas is the most joyful, sprightly and attractive popular dance all Andalusian dances. It is also the most extensive and varied in the region such that by its popularity, it has undergone a transformation becoming one of the most impactful social phenomenons in recent times, in relation to traditional popular music.

Within our annual programme of courses, our acadamy offers traditional Sevillanas classes for both adults and children (4-6 years), as well as flamenco Sevillanas which has a unique style. Both variants are taught following the Sevillanas’ authentic and complete dance form, as is our intention and faithful purpose. This is one of the most highly-demanded classes in our academy, situated in the heart of Triana and Seville.

Our objective is for the student to be able to learn to dance well from the very beginning. That is why the Sevillanas is explained and taught with all the principles of dance. Classes for children are conducted with a methodology specific to their age.

For those students who already know the Sevillanas or have learnt it their way and are looking to improve it, they can widen their knowledge in a holistic way. They can even go further to dance it with originality and exceptional flamenco style, which is what the flamenco Sevillanas offers.

Clases de Sevillanas



Traditional Sevillanas (Sep-Jun)

Tuesday and Thursday

Beginners 19:00-19:55

with notions, practice sevillanas  20:00-20:55


Our aim is to offer students Sevillanas that they dance and enjoy in any event and/or place with perfect

execution.The process in each class facilitates learning, thanks to the basic exercises to understanding

the compás (rhythmic cycle), body posture, coordination of the steps common to the dance structure

which is essential to gaining agility and being able to follow the four coplas (song verses) without difficulty.


Classes are for those who already know how to dance the traditional Sevillanas and who want to learn

another version of it, with a nuance that is different and novel. This features the movements and steps of

the traditional Sevillanas, but interpreting it with a flamenco flavour and feeling, and colouring it with a

personal touch. Our academy offers this unique versión: the flamenco Sevillanas – a different and

authentic way to dance it.