The Academia de Flamenco Manuel Betanzos, is renowned in Spain and internationally as an academy of prestige, professionalism, recognised pedagogy with a strong team of teachers.

With its distinguished reputation and In line with traditional teaching as well as the philosophy of its trademark discipline and professionalism, the Academy teaches the mastery of Sevillanas and Flamenco. It focuses on the quality and precision of movement, carriage and expressiveness of the body. It seeks to teach young children in a pleasant, artistic environment – one that is fun yet professional and which cultivates the child’s progressive interest in learning to dance.

Classes are suitable for children from the age of four, with class sizes kept small to allow a personal approach so as to nurture their potential, respecting their pace of learning and needs. Classes also take place in a space equipped conducively for very young children.

Students will learn in a progressive way, to eventually move on to professional training, where they will further develop their experiences and knowledge in dance.

Class Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday  18:00-18:55

Photos of children´s flamenco classes