My Space is inspired by the motivation of students to grow and learn in the art of flamenco. Many want to dance and experiment, yet most have little possibility of putting into practice what they learn daily, monthly and even over the years.
In My Space, students have the opportunity to encounter real scenarios of dancing. Motivation flows, giving meaning to their efforts. It is an experience that those of us who love flamenco have to live! This is about friendly showcases, pleasant and enjoyable, where fellowship is fostered.
Students of the basic, intermediate and advanced levels will have the chance to live and share this experience with the suppport and encouragement of their teachers. It is a place to put into practice the choreographies learnt, gain confidence and get accustomed to the codes of music, as well as to experiment. A platform where students present what they have studied. My Space is for students of our academy and for all audiences who wish to come and see it.